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myCreative Services

myCreative Services is a company that’s been providing graphic design to individuals and organizations on the Internet since November 2020. myCreative Services partnered with HE Group, which recognized the global need for creative services.

With a lot of hard work and innovative vision, we quickly managed to get our company off the ground. We take pride in being a graphic design agency that specializes in creating personalized design solutions for your branding.

Graphic design makes your idea or content look more trustworthy and professional, and it is very important for a business to increase its audience or sales. It is critical that you stand up to date with the world of design. Old concepts return polished, new concepts emerge, and design continually changes. We aim to create designs for your business that will be relevant and current for both you as well as your customers.

Thousands of companies have trusted myCreative services to outsource their needs for graphic design. Whether you need materials for advertising and marketing or a new logo, you will always find an experienced designer for the job at our company.

Experienced Designers

Years of Experience

Satisfied Clients


Why Choose Us

Each brand has a story that helps people relate to the brand, and the design we offer is a way of making it more efficient. Here are our reasons why you should choose myCreative Services for your business.

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Team of Professionals

Our team has a ton of experience and talent. Our team members are passionate and smart, full of great ideas, and believe in the serious power of great design.

Unlimited Revision

We provide an unlimited number of revisions for each of your projects, so you can expect only the best graphic design services for your business.

More Creativity

Our team of professionals will provide you with heaps of ideas for your project, and you need to do is choose which one you like the best.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the design we’ve created for you, and you didn’t get what you wanted, you get your money back.

Our Services

Do you need to entice action through powerful design? At myCreative Services, we offer a multitude of graphic design services. We transform ideas into business solutions, and we execute them, from concept to launch.

Graphic Design

Inform customers and engage with them through visual communication. Graphic design can be used to highlight the services and the products of your business and can be used in blogs, infographics, social media, and many other forms.

Video and Photography

Increase social media presence, brand awareness, and leads with compelling videos and photographs. We create videos and photographs that will drive website traffic, reach new customers, and promote your business.

Logo Design

A logo represents the value that you provide to your customers, and it is a symbol of your brand. Whether you need to update an existing logo or create a brand new one, we can help you with the design.


E-Mail Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to nurture your pipeline of potential customers and stay connected with them is through e-mail campaigns. We’ll design e-mail templates to highlight your key messages and promotional offers.

Our Sectors

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We work together with our clients and offer them full branding according to their needs. With this close collaboration, we can ensure that we are solving the right problems, and we move iteratively and quickly throughout the whole process. We develop a plan and work alongside our clients the whole time.


Other Design Services

Other than full-branding, we also work on one-time tasks on demand. We understand that clients have constant demands coming from all sides, maintaining a competitive advantage, understanding market trends, managing customer expectations, and more. We’re here to help you solve these challenges.

How It Works


Schedule a Consultation

In order for us to learn more about you, get in touch, and we will schedule a consultation. Please tell us more about your overall goals, the services you need, and a bit about you and your team.


Get A Customized Plan

We will create a customized plan that will help you navigate your efforts for digital marketing through graphic design. We create innovative designs that your users will surely love.



Monitor the Implementation

To ensure that the results match your goals, we constantly track the execution of the campaign. We refine and test everything we create so that your launch is guaranteed to have a success.


See the Results

You will experience a boost to your business like never before through the benefits of a focused and strategic approach. With your new design, you can now crush your business goals.

Free Graphic Design Tips

Feeling Confident in Your Abilities?

If you feel like you got what it takes to create a design by yourself, we’re here to offer you some tips you can implement in your design projects.

Keep It Simple

One of the most important tips for beginners is to keep the design simple. An overwhelming design that is hard to understand won’t be pleasant for the eye.

Be Mindful of Letter Spacing

Kerning typography and letter spacing are really important, and they can make a huge difference in a design. You need to give each of the letters some personal space.

Use A Color Palette That Is Cohesive

Color schemes and color palettes are just as important as the message you’re trying to present to your audience. Make sure you choose a good color combination for your design.

Limit the Number of Fonts You Use

Even though it is encouraged to use different fonts in one design, you want to make sure that the fonts work well together and you don’t go overboard with many different fonts.

Be Different

Instead of being just like everyone else and following trends, you should research trends and get inspired by them, but add your own twist on the trend that will make you unique.

Use Cohesive Design Elements

You must make sure that design elements have a cohesive style between them when you add them. This applies to everything from animations and illustrations to font styles.

An Image of the Mascot of myCreative.Services, which is a green monster with huge eyes. There is a questionmark in yellow and brown staying next to him and he is pointing to it. It is wearing a pink shoes too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Graphic Design A Professional Service?

Without a doubt, graphic design is a professional service. The designs that are made to sell or promote something include a deep understanding of market needs and trends, which are planned carefully and researched upon.

Who Needs Graphic Design Services?

Graphic design services are needed by anyone who wants to create an impact on people and to ensure brand loyalty and trust. In order to better deliver your idea to the world, design is a must.

How Will I Receive My Designs?

Your designs will be sent to you through e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever channel suits you best.

What Does A Graphic Design Do Daily?

The daily routine of a graphic designer consists of meeting with clients to discuss their projects, researching the needs and trends of the market, designing brochures, pamphlets, websites, logos, and various other things, and so on.

How Long Does It Take for A Design to Be Finished?

There are many types of design projects, all of which require a different amount of time to be finished. In order to get a concise timeline for your project, make sure you contact us, and we will provide you with all the details.

Who Owns the Design?

When it comes to the copyright of the design, you are the owner of the final designs once you’ve made full payment for our graphic design services, and we don’t have any claims to it.

Do I get A Vector File for My Logo?

Yes, you get a vector file (EPS), png, jpeg, and a word file that works like clip art.

What Is the Client’s Involvement in the Process?

We work with our clients right from the start. Before we continue with our work, we ask the clients to approve certain fonts and colors. Once the project is designed, we submit a final proof for the customer to approve.

Why Should I Hire Your Agency for Graphic Design Services?

We have a team of very experienced and creative designers that will help you make your idea a reality. We also provide on-time delivery of your designs and various affordable options.

Can I Expect Any Support After the Delivery of The Final Design?

Even after we finish your design, if there is any confusion in terms of downloading your file or interacting with your printer, we’re here to help you and guide you through the process.

Contact Us

Thank you for discovering myCreative Services! Now, it’s time to talk!

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any suggestions, concerns, and questions.


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